Meeting the demands of a growing world market for textiles & netting

We have an established history of working with many of the leading distributors & institutions the world over. Our dedicated research & development department continue to develop our product range and their applications in order to meet the growing market demands.

This growth has led us to split into key divisions, each specialising in different market sectors including industrial, sport, horticulture and fencing – providing our customers with an extensive product selection to meet their needs.


A wide product range for the construction and events industries. Our materials are used at some of the largest construction sites in the world. Products include; scaffold sheeting, debris netting personnel safety netting, visual screens and fencing solutions.


Crop and plant protection products for the horticulture industry; shade and wind break, weed control, ground cover,predator control, fleece and ground reinforcement.


A strong reputation for quality products that improve facilities within the sporting sector. Our well developed product range includes; outdoor and indoor cricket practice nets, mobile sight screens, rain covers, frost protection for football and rugby stadiums, golf driving range and course equipment.


Meeting the growing demand for plant and crop protection and support in all weathers. Now includes the new Haxnicks gardenware range and the Mainframe modular frame system.


A complete range of fencing systems; portable, permanent, temporary fencing, high security palisade fencing. All are available with a range of netting and installation service on request.