Anti Insect Netting

Anti Insect Netting

The trend for growing crops organically has increased the demand for anti insect meshes to prevent the spread of microorganisms.

There are 3 types of insect mesh in the Tildenet range:

Extruded Fly Screen - manufactured from extruded HDPE, with a larger 1.9mm diamond mesh which is more rigid and protects against wasps and flies and often used in windows.

Woven PVC Coated Fibreglass Mesh - this is a very strong, soft, drapable fibreglass mesh coated with PVC for longer life. Protects against wasps and flies

Woven HDPE mesh - this is available in 3 grades i.e. Extrafine, Fine and Standard. These are the commercial grades and protect against a variety of insects including thrips

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