Our team have more than 25 years experience in the fencing industry. We employ professional staff with a guarantee on everything that we do. We are accredited to CHAS - the Contractor's Health & Safety standard, and all staff are CRB/DBS checked.

Our Fencing Solutions

  • SPORTS FENCING: Twin Wire Panel Fencing; Hockey Fencing; Football Fencing; Weldmesh Fencing; Chainlink; Plywood & 358 Rebound Fencing, Timber Kick Boards; 5-a-Side Rebound Fencing; Drag Mats & Boot Brushes; Team & Spectator Buildings.
  • NETTING SYSTEMS: Ball Stop Netting; Ball Catch Netting; MUGA Roof Netting Systems; Retractable Dividing Nets; Demountable Raise/Lower Netting; Cricket Practice Cages; Bird Control Netting; Dust Suppression Netting.
  • SECURITY FENCING: Palisade Fencing; Single Wire 3D Panel Fencing; 358 Prison Mesh; Weldmesh Fencing; Swing Gates; Sliding Gates; Acoustic Fencing; Razor Wire & Anti-Scaling Systems; Vertical Bar Railings; Bow Top Railings; Bin Storage Cages; Bike Storage Cages.
  • FENCING MAINTENANCE: We offer a unique fencing inspection, repair and maintenance service for schools, leisure centres and high security establishments.

Ball Stop Fencing

Ball stop fencing or ball catch netting is designed to retain balls within a sports facility, and is typically positioned behind goal areas and can be stand-alone or attached above a host fence. Our netting systems are specially designed for heights up to 12 metres. Net apertures range from 28 mm (golf) to 125 mm (football and rugby) depending upon the sport and application. Netting is typically manufactured from black knotted UV-resistant polypropylene.

Roof | MUGA Netting

In addition to perimeter and shared inner fences, we supply netted roofs to contain the balls within the facility, and further can provide integral corner posts for mounting flood lighting.

Security Fencing

A popular mid-price, mid-security fence for factories, warehouses, local authorities, schools, and private businesses.

Our fence is durable; accommodates undulations in ground level; anti-vandal fixings; difficult to climb; aggressive appearance; widely available.

Why choose Tildenet?

We have an established history of working with many of the leading distributors & global institutions.

We are constantly developing our products and service with a focus on innovation and improvement to ensure that we remain the first choice for customers seeking world class manufacture.