Which Grade for my application?

LOKTEX LS GRADES 95, 85, 73, 63, 55, 47 and 30 are manufactured from durable HDPE flat tape threads plus strengthening double lock-stitch monofilament. For shading or screening choose LS95, 85 or 73. For windbreaks choose, LS55, 47 or 30.

LOKTEX Mono 50 and Mono 45 are made from monofilament only, which makes them stronger and ideal for windbreak and shading applications.
Rokolene is manufactured from strong tape and is suitable for windbreak and shading applications.

It is recommended the mesh chosen provides the minimum amount of shade, in order to maximise the light, essential for growth. Aim for a shade mesh which keeps temperatures below about 25-27ºC / 77-81ºF.

Loktex netting can be made to your bespoke size and can include metal eyelets and/or border edging for strengthening. Please speak to a member of our sales team for more information.

UV Life span over 10 years.