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Geoweb® is the original 3D cellular confinement system, which is used for a variety of applications including load support, tree root protection, slope and channel protection and vegetated retaining walls. Geoweb® panels are connected using the Atra® Key connection device. Atra® Keys are three times stronger and faster than staples which reduce the installation cost of the Geoweb® system.

• Tree root protection
• Load support
• Slope protection
• Chanel protection
• Driveways
• Earth retention
• Porous paths and roads
• Paved or unpaved surfaces
• Base stabilisation
• Vegetated and permeable embankments
• Stormwater basins
• Wastewater lagoons
• Shoreline revetments
• Dukes and bunds
• Swales and drainage ditches
• Geomembrane protection

• Manufactured to ISO9001:2015 international standards
• Provides a vegetated finish to slope when seeded
• Can be filled with concrete to form hard-armoured slope protection
• Ideal for use on slopes to protect against soil erosion
• When filled, the cells control shearing, lateral and vertical movement
• Reduces costs by reducing the base material requirements and costs by up to 50%
• Water permeates through, ensuring the grass receives moisture

Panel sizes is 2.6m x 8.3m for each depth.
A geotextile is required for both load support and tree root protection applications.

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