Knitted Pallet Wrap

Knitted Pallet Wrap


  • Outer Size: 1

Knitted netwrap is a very cost effective way for packing products uniformly onto pallets, whilst allowing ventilation. The net allows air to circulate through the pallet, ensuring condensation does not build up and the product is kept fresh during transportation. The stretchability of the wrap means up to 30% less film is required compared to traditional pallet wrap, leading to cost savings.

• Fresh products - wrapping turf
• Plants, flowers, fish, fruits
• Hot Products
• Frozen products

• Cost effective
• Lightweight and easy to handle
• Light and air permeable
• High-slip outer edge so pallets or trolleys do not stick together
• Prevents condensation build up, label discolouration, rust generation
• Reduces freezing time for frozen products by allowing air through more quickly, so moisture can escape

Other sizes are available upon request

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