Permatex Ultra™ Black
Permatex Ultra™ Black
Permatex Ultra™ Black
Permatex Ultra™ Black
Permatex Ultra™ Black
Permatex Ultra™ Black

Permatex Ultra™ Black


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Our Permatex Ultra™ comes in 3 distinct colours for different uses

Black- Permatex Ultra™ black  is strong, durable and with distinctive 25cm blue and white grid marks.

White- This is the optimum ground cover for fruit and salad growers (particularly tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and strawberries) as it enables early ripening in glasshouse and polytunnels.

Black/White - This ground cover is ideal for growers who need one product which combines benefits of black weed control properties with white reflective properties. The result is weed free fruit growing, with stimulated plant growth.

Permatex UltraTM is a flat-woven geotextile fabric manufactured from UV stabilised, strong, fibrillated polypropylene tapes. Permatex UltraTM is the woven ground cover of choice for professional agricultural and horticultural as well as heavy duty barrier for many landscaping applications.

• Ideal for agricultural applications
• Heavy duty weed control
• Ground separator
• Some drainage applications
• Under decking with or without a mulch
• Under garden paths & paved areas
• Aggregate areas and driveways
• Under cellular confinement systems
• Scree areas
• Garden paths
• Greenhouse flooring
• Nursery polytunnels
• Fallow areas

• Life Expectancy 40 years when covered with a mulch
• Prevents mulch or aggregates being lost into the sub- soil
• Low maintenance weed control
• Air and liquid permeable
• Extra strong, narrow, sintered tapes with UV for longer life
• Can be left uncovered
• Tear resistant

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