Powergrid 14 Premium
Powergrid 14 Premium
Powergrid 14 Premium
Powergrid 14 Premium
Powergrid 14 Premium

Powergrid 14 Premium


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Download our Powergrid Specification here

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Weight -  2kg/m2

Thickness - 14mm

Powergrid is an extra heavy duty grass reinforcement mesh, suitable for protecting high traffic grass areas, for a temporary or permanent solution. Powergrid can be used to create overflow car parks or vehicle access routes, protect grassedentrances and exits plus other areas of high wear.
The unique anti-slip curved structure of this mesh provides extra protection in wet conditions and prevents grass rutting and damage.
Powergrid is designed to be used in all seasons of the year, as long as installed as recommended and gives the aesthetically appeal of a grassed finish.
Powergrid is a SuDS compliant product. Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are a natural approach to managing drainage in and around properties and other developments. SuDS work by slowing and holding back the water that runs off from a site, allowing natural processes to break down pollutants.

• Domestic car parking requirements
• Infrequently used overflow grass car parks
• Off-road parking on grass verges
• Disabled wheelchair access routes (DDA) and paths

• Anti slip surface
• SuDS compliant
• Reduces burden on sewerage system and helps wildlife to thrive in urban areas
• Install with pins placed at least every 1m2
• Allows quick, maximum grass entanglement with the mesh so that the meshbe comes invisible as it disappears into the grass
• Ideal to permanently reinforce a grassed area
• Fast and simply to install
• Cost effective & versatile
• Prevents grass wear, rutting & mud caused by vehicles

7 tonne load bearing capability

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