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Tildenet manufactures three grades of frost protection fleece; Thermagro, Thermagrow Ultra and Thermagro Plus.

Thermagro is the ideal, lightweight frost protection fleece to protect crops down to temperatures of -2/3ºC, Thermagro allows more light penetration than Thermagro Ultra but provides less frost protection.

Thermagro Plus is exactly the same frost protection fleece as standard Thermagro but has the additional benefit of 30gsm, glued, reinforced edges. This gives the fleece extra protection during installation.

Thermagro Ultra is a new product for Tildenet, which, at 30gsm, is nearly twice the weight of standard Thermagro. This makes it a stronger and more durable frost protection fabric. Stocked in 3 main sizes and available in a wider range of sizes, upon request.

• Growing outdoor, vulnerable young vegetables especially cauliflower, salad crops, seedlings, soft fruit, early potatoes, bedding plants
• Lawn re-seeding
• Tunnel cloches
• Outdoor containers
• Greenhouse and polytunnel insulation

• Strong and durable
• Protects crops from frost, hail, wind chill, birds and insects
• Very high permeability to moisture, nutrients, filtered light and air
• Prevents soil surface from drying out, improving germination
• Very lightweight so will not crush delicate shoots and new growth.
• Raises soil temperature
• Promotes earlier, higher quality crops, increases yield
• Can plant out young plants around 2 weeks earlier in Spring
• Helps ripen cucumbers and bush tomatoes in autumn
• Chemically inert
• UV protected so can be left uncovered

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