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Tildapave porous pavers are SuDS compliant and widely used for car parking to transfer loads from the surface to the engineered course base below. There are two grades, Tildapave and Tildapave Power, both are manufactured from recycled material and suitable for grass and gravel reinforcement and retention.
Tildapave is smaller at 0.33m x 0.33m per tile (9 tiles / m2), compared to the Tildapave Power which is 0.475m x 0.475m per tile (4.5 / m2)

• Car parking
• Overflow carparks
• Caravan base
• Private lanes and access roads
• Emergency access routes
• Pathways and driveways
• Green roof and rooftop gardens
• River and road embankments
• Private airfields
• Helicopter landing pad
• Shed base

• Tildapave load bearing capability 250 tonnes/ m2, up to 10 tonne axle load
• Tildapave Power load bearing capability is up to 300 tonnes /m2
• SuDS Compliant
• Manufactured from 100% waste
• 100% recyclable
• Quick and easy to install reducing on site costs
• Can be covered with grass or gravel
• Prevents gravel migration
• Non-slip and crackproof
• Frost and UV resistant
• Cut to size
• Dimensionally stable
• Low transport and handling costs

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