Tildeclad Scaffold Cladding
Tildeclad Scaffold Cladding

Tildeclad Scaffold Cladding


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Tildeclad scaffold cladding is a specially designed product which easily covers and protect buildings from debris and creates a weather barrier too. Tildeclad is lightweight, durable and can be used for side and roof protection. The sheeting is flexible enough to cover many different angles in one continuous run, maintaining a tight barrier.
The woven PP fibres allow a certain amount of wind penetration, reducing the wind loading on the actual scaffold, as well as creating a more comfortable working environment.

• Weather protection for buildings
• Contains falling debris
• Side and roof protection
• Dust protection
• Can be used as a tarpaulin

• Lightweight, durable and flexible to mould around differing angles to give a tight barrier
• Woven fibres allow some wind penetration, reducing wind loading on scaffolding. Plus this improves the working environment

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