Turf Cultivation Net
Turf Cultivation Net
Turf Cultivation Net

Turf Cultivation Net


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Turf cultivation net is used by growers to produce turf and wildflower grass which germinates uniformly, is stronger and generates higher yields. Grass can be harvested at a much faster pace, increasing the quantity of grass produced.

Turf cultivation mesh is placed, by machine, over the soil, the grass germinates and the roots entwine with the mesh. This locks in the root and enables turf growers to transport their finished grass quickly and more effectively.

• Cultivation of turf and wildflower grass
• Roll out then apply the soil and sow

• Two plantings per season
• Easier to handle and transport the grass
• Reduces the time for grass to be cultivated
• The grass roots intertwine with the netting to create a strong base
• Grass is stronger and can be harvested earlier

Bio degradable and oxy degradable turf cultivation net is also available. These have all the advantages of standard turf mesh with the added benefit that the mesh degrades, leaving just the turf in place.
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